"It also stays on nicely on my face without falling off so that I can continue doing wat I want to do. Best part is my skin doesn't feel irritated as I hv very sensitive skin + eczema on face last time hence has to be very careful when using face products.

Have been recommending to my gal frzs as well asking them try out the goodness of this mask, if someone like me with such sensitive skin can use this mask, I'm sure they can too" 
Eileen Chua
"Loves how it fits nicely on my face as the masks out there are usually ill fitting. It also gave my face a nice healthy glow after the cleansing and moisturising"
Sophie Leow
I'm super impressed by the design of this mask, targeting specific areas with carefully selected ingredients. Perfect for people with combination and sensitive skin! Plus it holds a lot of serum! 
Cheryl Kim
"The TU Mask gave me an instant skin rejuvenation. You would be feeling refresh, felt that my pore was refined after use. It gave me an instance hydration booze to my skin when I need it" 
Jessica Lim

"It has a strong herb scent. Good for those who likes flower scented mask. Seems like it helps in relaxing as stated on the pack (herb relief). After 20min, the mask is still very moisturised that i applied and rubbed across my under eye. It rejuvenates the skin and felt refreshing after use" 

Shin Chua


"My face is always oily at the end of the day and the mask really help improve my skin when i apply and rest at night. The next morning it is very clean".
"It was nice..normally my face will be very oily when i wake up. After i used it was less oily and it felt smooth" 

"Very cleansing and refreshing.  Never used masks before but this one really convinced me that its worth the extra effort to take care of your face. Will have a routine from now" 


" I have been using it for a few weeks and i can get a difference in terms of how much cleaner my face and complexion is. It is really good at removing oil from the forehead and nose area and this really is convenient! " 
Hong Bin

Face is not sticky the next morning, it closes the pores well, nice lemon smell!
Erika, 30, Doctor

My skin is not puffy the next day, which means it’s very hydrated. And it doesn’t irritate my eyes too, i look ready the next day!
Yang, 24, Artist

The mask comes in 2 separate sheets so it is customised to suit different face sizes instead of those "one size fits all" products.
Desmond, 31, Manager

i don’t have to worry about sticky face when i sleep as it absorbs so fast, only waking up to supple soft skin! Thank you!
Elizabeth, 28, Advertising

I like how the mask are separated into 2 as it fits better into the face as compared to usual mask. And after applying, the rest of the Essence were absorbed into the skin pretty quickly without the sticky feeling and this morn I woke up, my skin felt hydrated ((: pretty good!!(:
Evangelynn, 24 , Social Worker

I find the dual zone feature of this mask to be super beneficial. Most of the time, too lazy to use 2-3 types, so now i can go for one that doesn’t aggravate my skin and save time.

I like that after taking it off, the residue isn’t sticky (which sometimes happen with other masks), like I could just let it dry off & put make up on if I wanted to. Definitely a must-have mask that I’d use day of or night before a big gala dinner (or after a heavy night out partying)
Vanessa Sng, 29 , Marketing Manager